Arachnid Cabinets

Name: Arachnid Cabinets
Year Established: 2012
Location: Citrus Heights, CA
Instagram: Arachnid_Cabinets
How did Arachnid get started and what got you interested in doing this?
Arachnid started in early 2012 with nothing more than a logo sketched out on paper and less than 100 dollars in tools, some pine and a dovetail jig that forced the process to take 3 hours to complete.
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ArachnidCab_2 2x12What makes you guys different from the rest of the guys building cabs?
Arachnid is not my day job. I’m on the path to become a Stationary Engineer so these cabs are a passion of love for the craft. I’m not in this to pay for a vacation home in Europe. I’m in this to make an amazing hand built, American product, at a fair market price which in turn helps me pursue my musical aspirations. To Reiterate Arachnid Cabinets is a 100% hand built product, no CNC machines. I am also a signed artist with Comatose Music and the founder of Sacramento Brutal Death Metal group Wurm Flesh. so I’m actually a working class musician, just like every other putting in an order. I’m always trying to figure out how to perfect and innovate. I feel it’s what we naturally do.

ArachnidCab_2 2x12Anything in particular that sets your company apart?
Our ability to offer some of the most extreme and unique cabinet aesthetics without sacrificing quality or tone far exceeds what you can find in your local music stores and what major companies can offer.
I not only build cabinets but I offer back lining services as well and I’m proud to say I’ve back lined some of the west coast’s largest underground metal festivals. I feel this is the best way to not only get the product seen, but heard. It also puts a face and personality to the company. It’s shows I’m part of my music community and not just trying to cash in on it. I think this makes me unique among EVERY major company producing cabinets.

What are the typical features your product offers?
3/4″ BB, Stain Grade Baltic Birch Construction, Dovetail Joinery, Duratex coating, Fixed base – removable casters, Neutrik 1/4″ – Speakon Combo Jacks, Eminence Texas Heats and Man O Wars (X pattern) wired in series parallel to 8 ohms.

What particular tonal characteristics does an Arachnid cab offer or what do you aim to achieve tonally with you cabinets?
Even though my cabinets are extremely universal I want Arachnid to be the next premier metal cabinet company. Metal is an extension of the blues and I wanted the cabinets to have insanely clear mid range while still leaving plenty of head room for articulate lows. I feel I achieve those tonal properties with the Texas Heats. I also wanted a speaker to compliment this with a more aggressive mid range color and those crisp highs we fell in love with during the 80s and I feel the Man O Wars really cover that tonal spectrum.

ArachnidCab_2 2x12What was your first impression of Eminence?
I thought if these were good enough for Dime Bag and Krank as well as Dethklok when I was 16 they would be perfect for what I wanted to achieve.

Why did you choose Eminence for your cabs?
I have backlined over 15 festivals…have had over 300 bands abuse my cabs for over 100 plus hours…use the same cabs for practice and my own live performances and the speakers sound just as crisp, defined and powerful as the first day I installed them..

Not that is a shocking statement but Eminence delivers twice the quality at almost half the price as other competitors. Eminence has made my job easier when customers are hunting for tones by having a sound sample for every speaker they offer.

“For me my testimonial would be that the company brought something to the industry like nothing I’ve ever seen before and the experience working with you was beyond luxurious. You worked very intimately with us to bring our vision to life with your ideas and expertise” Anthony Ortiz – The Human Extinction @THX_Official, Divergence Studios

Where can people find out more about Arachnid Cabs?

Instagram: Arachnid_ Cabinets











Photo 2: Courtesy of “The Human Extinction @THX_Official
Photo 3: Courtesy of “Anthony Roark Photography
Photo 4: Courtesy of “Michael Alvarez”
Photo 5: Image taken by Robert Calhoun
Photo 6 and 7 Courtesy of “Jesse Fioren of @The Ice Chamber Studios