Custom Shop

If you want it, we’ll build it.

For 50 years Eminence has been all about providing high quality solutions for your audio application. Whether it’s a custom designed speaker for our OEM customers or an off the shelf stock model available on our website, Eminence has a design to fit virtually any need. The skilled technicians in our Custom Shop can customize a product in the following three ways:

We can modify an existing product.

If you’ve browsed our website and found a speaker or compression driver that would be perfect IF we offered it in an alternate impedance, don’t worry. We can build it. The process is easy! Simply email or call us at (502) 845-5622 ext. 341 and tell us you need something from the Custom Shop. Provided we have the necessary components in stock, we can build the impedance you’re looking for, and we can even build an older model that was discontinued. We charge the retail price shown on our site for the model you want to modify, plus a nominal custom shop fee of 13%. Contact us today to get started.

We can break your guitar speakers in for you.

Most guitar players know a new guitar speaker takes some playing time to fully break it in. The soft parts of a speaker will eventually loosen up slightly, which results in the tone becoming even sweeter. We work with countless in-demand touring and session pros who ask us to break their speakers in so they can hit the next gig sounding the best they can. Now we can offer the same service for you. Our break-in service is just $20 per speaker. Simply email or call us at (502) 845-5622 ext. 341 and ask for the Custom Shop.

We can build a design from scratch.

The Eminence roots are in custom manufacturing. The design and assembly of special models for a whole range of leading music equipment companies is still the bulk of Eminence business. Eminence has produced thousands of confidential manufacturer-specific formulas since 1966. Let us design something for your brand.

And a custom OEM design is not limited to speakers. High frequency devices, enclosures and complete finished systems can be designed and manufactured to your exact specifications. Minimums apply.

View our Custom OEM solutions page to learn more, or contact OEM Sales at (502) 845-5622 or email to get started.