New Products for 2016

Eminence is proud to announce the following new Pro Audio and Musical Instrument Loudspeakers for 2016. See all of these new models at the 2016 Winter NAMM Show booth 4334 in Anaheim, CA, January 21-24.

Alpha 4

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Perfectly suited for line arrays, car doors and side panels, and other tight fitting applications, the Alpha 4 is a very versatile 110 watt driver that can be used full range, as a midbass, or as a midrange. They can be stacked by themselves in a column for vocal applications, or in conjunction with a tweeter and a sub for compact, high performance PA or MI applications. Available in 8 and 4 ohm.

Kappa Pro 18LF

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The Kappa Pro 18LF provides tons of low frequency output in a lightweight, durable cast aluminum chassis. Featuring a 3” voice coil and a usable frequency range of 38 Hz – 700 Hz, it can be used as a subwoofer in small to medium sized boxes, a woofer in large three-way PA enclosures, or as a high-power bass guitar woofer.

“The 1,600 watt program power rating will give you the confidence to crank them up.” said Jerry McNutt, Product Design Manager at Eminence. “The Kappa Pro 18LF is well-suited for new projects, and works well as a replacement for many single and double subwoofer cabinets.”

Available in 8Ω, the Kappa Pro 18LF offers 98 dB of sensitivity.

Pete Anderson Signature HempDog 12

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Eminence has teamed up with multi-platinum, Grammy Award-winning producer/guitarist Pete Anderson to create signature guitar tone.

The 8Ω HempDog 12 offers a more neutral voicing with clarity and full, round lows, but with the added warmth only a hemp cone can provide. Housed on a rugged cast aluminum chassis, the 80 oz. ceramic magnet and 2.5” edgewound voice coil provide higher efficiency and 150 watts of power.

“Pete was interested in experimenting with two of his favorite Eminence speakers: the Cannabis Rex for it’s warmth, and the Legend EM12 for its neutral, clear tone.” said Anthony Lucas, Design Engineer at Eminence.

“When I finally settled on the EVM12L guitar speaker earlier in my career I thought I was set” said Anderson, “But with Eminence allowing me – or should I say encouraging me – to reach beyond that, the creation of the HempDog has exceeded my expectations. It has the hi-fidelity I require plus the warmth of hemp, an outstanding combination that covers all genres of music. I can not think of any other speaker company that encourages this type of dialogue with musicians. I couldn’t be happier. “

Legend BP122 and 1525

Eminence’s 10” Legend BP102 has been a favorite among bass players because of its rich, warm tone and the fact it can play really low in sealed cabinets. Expanding the offering, Eminence has developed a 12” and 15” model with the same versatile skill set. With a program power rating of 500 watts, the BP122 features a 2” voice coil and a usable frequency range of 35 Hz – 2.3 kHz. The 15” model is rated at 700 watts, utilizes a 2.5” voice coil and has a usable range of 35 Hz – 2.1 kHz.

“The new BP122 and BP1525 will work great in small sealed enclosures and deliver rich, warm tone and deep bass from your instrument.” said Jerry McNutt, Product Design Manager at Eminence. “They will also be at home in many professional audio and home hi-fi applications, just like the 10” BP102 does now.”

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Basslite SC10

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The Basslite series continues to be a popular choice for bass players who are looking to reduce the weight of their rigs without sacrificing performance. The new Basslite SC10 is a 10” speaker optimized for sealed bass cabinets, and features an ultra-lightweight 4 oz. neodymium magnet and a 2” voice coil.

“We wanted to design something that was designed specifically for sealed 4×10 and 8×10 cabinets.” said Anthony Lucas, Design Engineer at Eminence. “We’re offering them in 16 ohm and 32 ohm options as we envision them for multi-speaker configurations. The 16 ohm model has a program power rating of 300 watts, and the 32 ohm is rated at 200 watts.”


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The Redcoats have not fired their last shot in the revolutionary war of guitar tone. New from Eminence is the CV-65, a continuation of their ceramic vintage style British-voiced guitar speakers.

The 8Ω CV-65 offers classic British tone with modern power handling, and features warm, throaty mids, sweet, articulate highs, and nice, detailed harmonic complexity. Handling 65 watts of power, the CV-65 utilizes a 34 oz. ceramic magnet and a 1.75” voice coil. Compared to the 75 watt model, the CV-65 is more round and full in the lows, less aggressive in the mids, but warm and throaty, and is more focused and articulate on the highs.