Employee Spotlight: Rodney Tingle

Rodney TingleFrom the engineers behind the draftsman’s desk to the men and women stamping out cold, hard steel, Eminence is built upon hard work and dedication. This month’s Employee Spotlight shines on Rodney Tingle, someone who exemplifies both of these traits. Paul “Bear” Bryant used to say, “I’m no miracle man. I guarantee nothing but hard work.” Sometimes you need a miracle, but most of the time hard work will suffice. Rodney Tingle is a hard-working and dedicated employee, to say the least.

Love Tree Amplifiers

PadaukIn this edition of Point to Point, Eminence’s Josh Martin gets a behind the scenes look at how boutique amp builder Love Tree Amplifiers got their start, and their approach to designing their products.

“We build our amps in solid wood enclosures. This opens up a world of different sounds and looks. Your amp is 50% of your tone and we feel it should look as nice. As a company we build to a standard, not a price point.” says Jon-Paul Painton, Marketing Director at Love Tree Amplifiers.

Guitar World demos the CV-75 guitar speaker.

Guitar World’s Paul Riario demonstrates the new CV-75 guitar speaker from Eminence. Rated at 75 watts, the British-voiced CV-75 offers complete tonal balance – Grunt and punch in the lows, warm/tailored mids, and clear, open/airy highs. Qualities often attributed to hand made British speakers from 20 to 30 years ago. The CV-75 is the latest addition to the Red Coat series of guitar speakers, and features a 1.75″ voice coil and a 56 oz. ceramic magnet. Get complete specs here.

New Products for 2014

Eminence is proud to announce the following new Pro Audio and Musical Instrument Loudspeakers and HF products for 2014. See all of these new models at the 2014 Winter NAMM Show booth 4334 in Anaheim, CA, January 23-26.

Additions to the Professional Series include 10″, 12″ and 15″ shallow cast frame models designed to give you high output in tight fitting horn loaded applications. The new Delta Pro 12-450 is a lighter weight version of our popular Delta Pro 12 model, and is designed as a replacement in smaller portable PA cabinets. Like all of our professional audio and musical instrument loudspeakers, our new 1″ exit PSD:2013 and 1.4″ exit PSD:3014 compression drivers are designed and assembled in the USA and pack incredible performance and value.

There are five new guitar speaker models for 2014. We’ve captured the epitome of British tone with the 12″ CV-75 in our Redcoat series. We are also proud to introduce our first 6″ guitar speaker, as well as two additions to our Legend Series. We are also excited to introduce another addition to our Signature series, the GA-SC64. This vintage voiced speaker is a collaborative design effort with amp guru George Alessandro.

Click below to learn all about these new models.

Eminence Speaker and Amp Guru George Alessandro Team Up Again to Create Vintage Tone.

Following the successful collaborative effort on the Eric Johnson Signature EJ1250 guitar speaker, Eminence and George Alessandro have teamed up once again to develop a 12” guitar speaker with vintage sounds circa 1964, the GA-SC64.

Employee Spotlight: Mayme Steinmetz

"That woman worked me to death!!" This was a phrase that I heard uttered by a young man who was working along one of the greatest workers that Eminence Speaker has ever seen. He was describing how hard he was working while trying to keep up with Mayme Steinmetz. She is, without a doubt, one of the hardest workers I have ever had the privilege to work with.

I have a unique perspective as I have worked alongside Mayme in the Packing Department and Box Line. When I was an Assistant Supervisor in the packing department, Mayme was always giving 100%. She is a great example to the younger generation of workers coming in as well as those of us that have been here for a few years.