Employee Spotlight: Jane Holbrook

“I was excited to get on here.”  That is a phrase that many of our veteran workforce at Eminence Speaker have uttered.  For much of the history of Eminence Speaker, this has been a tough place to gain employment because the turnover rate had been so low.  Once you were in, you stayed in and did everything you could to maintain your employment.

Jane Holbrook is one of those people who are genuinely appreciative of what she has.  She is a very dependable worker and her quality of work speaks for itself.  She has been married for almost 30 years with 2 children and 4 grandchildren.

Eminence FDM guitar speaker demo by Josh Smith

If you’re a guitar player and you have ever been told you’re stage volume is too loud, welcome to the club. We like to crank our tube amps up to get that sweet tone, but often times we end up too loud, especially in smaller venues and practice situations. With the Eminence FDM (Flux Density Modulation) guitar speakers, you can literally dial back the volume without losing the tone and feel you’re after. Our good friend Josh Smith offers a great explanation from a guitarist’s point of view, and demos both models: The British-voiced ReignMaker, and the American-voiced Maverick. Both speakers are rated at 75 watts, and when the dial is set to maximum attenuation, can drop the overall volume by nearly 9 dB. That’s like taking a 100 watt amp down to 12 watts.

How to remove the heat sink from a Kilomax Pro 18A for reconing.

Rated at 1,250 watts, the Kilomax Pro 18A and 15A models require an aluminum heat sink to help dissipate heat. As with all loudspeakers, there is a chance a Kilomax can eventually need reconing. In order to replace the cone in these models, you first have to remove this heat sink. Anthony Lucas, Eminence Speaker Tech Support, demonstrates how to remove the heat sink in this video.

Employee Spotlight: April Suter

There is an old Jewish proverb that says, “I ask not for a lighter burden, but for broader shoulders.” That idea is foreign to most of us. We typically want to lighten the load, do less, and keep ourselves from being tied down or committed to something for very long. But hardly ever does the person asking for lighter burdens accomplish much. If the truth be told, no one ever really goes looking for burdens; they usually find you. Similarly, in the workplace, we typically don’t go looking for extra things to add to our daily routines. But nevertheless, extra things find us.

From my own experience of working in production here, you will be hard pressed to find someone more able and willing to shoulder a tough workload than April Suter. April is extremely knowledgeable about everything with regards to our production departments. Her knowledge comes not from simply being told how to do something, but from hours of hard work doing the various jobs.

Employee Spotlight: Patty Thurmond

Patty ThurmondI have met and talked with many people in my years here at Eminence. There are very few that I have met that are as knowledgeable of their department as Patty Thurmond. Some people see a task at a “street level” view and some see a task from “30,000ft.” Patty can do both. And that is part of what makes her such a vital part of the Eminence Speaker workforce. Patty works in the Press Room at Eminence under the supervision of Garrett Gambrel. Garret recognizes Patty’s contributions to the company as such:

“Patty is an upbeat, hard worker with a great attitude. She is a huge asset for the department as well as the organization. She shows concern for quality and takes pride in a job well done. She knows how to motivate others and increase production. I never have to worry if she is working which makes my job easier. She is a great person, definitely an original.”

Employee Spotlight: Thomas Hill

Thomas HillThis month’s “We are Eminence” employee highlight shines its light upon Thomas Hill. Thomas is one of the many pairs of hard working hands here at Eminence. He and his brother, Eric, take great pride in running our US Distribution department. Glenn Simpson is Thomas’ direct report here at Eminence. Glenn has this to say about Thomas:

“Thomas is a great guy. He’s here every day which is a big plus for me. He’s got a very positive attitude and work ethic which makes him very easy to work with and be around. He always keeps himself busy. Not someone you feel you need to keep an eye on. A real asset for the company and especially our department. Besides that, he’s a Louisville Cardinal fan. How can you not like that!!”