Eminence Adds a 12” Pedal Steel Guitar Speaker to the Patriot Series.

“Field tested with the leading pedal steel players and equipment manufacturers in Nashville, Arizona, Texas and Los Angeles, we were able to find just the right combination of tone, explosive dynamics and high power handling that they all wanted in a 12” pedal steel driver.” said Jerry McNutt, Design Engineer at Eminence.
Teresa Rucker

Employee Spotlight: Teresa Rucker

This month’s “We Are Eminence” employee spotlight shines on Teresa Rucker. Teresa currently works in our Voice Coil Department. Eminence Speaker has been around since 1966 and for 23 of those 46 years, Teresa Rucker has been faithfully building our reputation one voice coil at a time. Her supervisor, Michelle Gambrel speaks of Teresa this way:

“Teresa is very passionate about everything she does. She is very loyal to Eminence Speaker, her friends, her church, and her family. She takes pride in her work and has a lot of knowledge about her job and the company as a whole. She tries her best and gives her all. It is a pleasure to work with her. Teresa is what Eminence Speaker is all about.”

Q&A with amp guru George Alessandro

Eminence has had the pleasure of working with George Alessandro for many years, building custom guitar speakers to his specifications for many of his high-end amplifiers. Together we collaborated with legendary guitarist Eric Johnson on what we think is the finest alnico guitar speaker on the market, the Eric Johnson Signature EJ1250. We recently sat down with George to learn more about the man behind the tone of many of today’s premier artists.

Need help identifying an old or custom OEM Eminence Speaker?

One of our most frequently asked tech support questions goes something like this: “Hey I’ve got this old speaker and I’m pretty sure it’s an Eminence. Can you tell me what the power rating, impedance, and other specs are?” In this video, Eminence Speaker Tech Anthony “Big Tony” Lucas points out how to find the information on the speaker he will need in order to help you.

Using coaxial products for DIY monitors and home hi-fi applications

Eminence offers coaxial woofers in 8”, 10”, and 12”, called the Beta-8CX, Beta-10CX and Beta-12CX, respectively. These woofers have a threaded pole-piece so that a screw-on, 1” exit high frequency driver can be attached to form a coaxial set up. The woofer has a screen type dust cap, which allows the output of the high frequency driver to pass through the center. A small, 60 degree conical horn is attached to the top of the pole-piece beneath the dust cap. In my experience, it seems that our coaxial products are misunderstood and do not have enough exposure. In this article, I hope to raise awareness by sharing my own experiences and show how you can use them to create a great monitor or home hi-fi speaker.

Understanding Loudspeaker Power Ratings

Speaker power handling must be the most misunderstood specification in our industry. Knowing the power handling of a speaker is rather useless without considering other specs and details. It’s like knowing the “what” without the “when” or “where.”

Eminence uses an industry standard method (EIA 426A) for establishing power ratings. A speaker is tested in free-air with a continuous noise signal with a 6dB crest factor. This continuous average power rating (or “watts” rating) is basically a thermal limit. Eminence does not associate a watts rating with “RMS.” RMS pertains to voltage or current, but “RMS watts” is an erroneous term. The music program rating is always twice the continuous rating. It is a higher rating because music has many peaks and dips and is not as abusive as a continuous signal. This is a good rating to select amplifier power for proper headroom in a pro audio application. Eminence does not publish a peak rating, but we accept it as four times the continuous rating. Peak is higher because the shorter duration of a burst of sound is less abusive than a music signal or a continuous signal.

Eminence Adds Three Advanced High-Power Loudspeakers to the Professional Series.

Eminence is proud to introduce three advanced high-power additions to the Professional Series: the Impero 12A, 15A, and 18A. Italian for “empire”, Impero sets the tone for this elite offering of high quality, hand-built loudspeakers.